Frequently Asked Questions

How much will I spend on cremation service compared with a typical burial?

The first thing that most people ask about cremation is how much they will spend as
opposed to a traditional full body burial. An average burial may cost around $7,640. This
does not include additional expenses such as grave vaults, memorial markers, opening and
closing fees, etc. This can cost six to eight times more than cremation services that
Inspired Life offers. With cremation packages starting at just $749, we offer a very
affordable service, and do so with compassion, dignity, and professionalism. If you’re
looking for affordable cremation options, please contact us today.

What should I do when a death occurs?

The first step you should take when your loved one passes away is call Inspired Life at
800.723.1465. Our first response team will assist you with your immediate need, and help
you navigate the arrangement process every step of the way. From transporting the
deceased from the place of death to our care center, to helping you choose an optional urn
or keepsake, to delivering the cremated remains to your destination of choice, Inspired
Life will be with you throughout the entire process. Please contact our Inspired Life
office if a death has occurred.

How is the deceased cremated?

In order to obtain the ashes of a loved one who has died, the cremation chamber uses high
heat. A secondary process then takes place to further reduce the remaining fragments. The
ashes are then placed in a container such as an urn.

What should I do with jewelry and gold teeth during cremation?

Items such as pacemakers, jewelry, gold teeth, or other important belongings are not
recommended to be cremated with the deceased. Pacemakers may pose a combustion
hazard, while jewelry and gold teeth oxidize and will be reduced to nothing. An alternative
suggestion, especially if your loved one’s cremated remains will be placed in an urn and
presented in a columbarium or similar location, that items such as jewelry or other
keepsakes be displayed with the urn.

How does an Inspired Life cremation compare to services from traditional funeral homes?

We understand that losing a loved one can be one of the most devastating and challenging
events in life, but the final arrangement process shouldn’t be. Traditional funeral homes
often have confusing processes and expensive options. At Inspired Life, we have
streamlined the process to make it easy for families to understand, provide compassionate
and professional staff to assist every step of the way, and provide a simple yet dignified
cremation option that is extremely affordable in comparison to traditional funeral homes.


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