DeAndre “Don” Sansberry

June 24, 1969 – September 2, 2023

We honor and celebrate the Inspiring Life of DEANDRE “DON” SANSBERRY. DeAndre will be cherished and remembered through the legacy of his family and friends.


A Family & Friends Viewing will take place on Friday, September 15th, 5-8pm inside the Legacy Lounge at Inspired Life Memorials @ Summerlin, located at 311 N Buffalo Drive Suite B, Las Vegas,NV 89145.

A Celebration of Life Service will take place on Saturday, September 16, 2023, at 11 a.m. at Tried Stone Baptist Church, located at 621 W Carey, N Las Vegas, NV 89030. Please wear the colors Black and any shade of Blue.

For those that are unable to attend the service in person, you can watch and participate in the services online through the Inspired Life Memorials YouTube Channel. Please click the link below to watch:

There will be a Repast at Del Angel Banquet Hall, located at 3636 N Las Vegas Blvd # C, Las Vegas, NV 89115 from 4-8pm. The repast colors are Washington Commanders Colors (Burgundy Gold White).

Additionally, please feel free to sign the digital guestbook below to leave a loving message or positive memory of Don with the family.



  2. Aminah Henry

    During these difficult times love will always supercede all heartache and pain. I am very blessed to feel an extension to the Sansberry family. I pray God sends comfort and peace to the entire family. Love the Henry family.

  3. RickyRed

    Don was a good friend of mines, we both come out of high school together class of 88. We both also went to Barber School together along with his cousins Erwin/Darnell Harvey. Don was a great barber, he even taught me a thing or two. He will be truly missed.

  4. sarah cooper

    You will be missed my friend 💙 States

  5. Robert SANSBERRY

    My name is Robert SANSBERRY Junior. I just wanted to send my condolences out to my family and my deepest sympathy to all of you in Las Vegas. May God continue to bless the SANSBERRY family.

  6. Bogard Debra

    Cousin Don I’m proud to have called you my cousin and I’m truly gone to miss you love you!!!
    Ann Williams

  7. Audria Morris

    There’s no love like an Uncle
    There’s no love like Yours
    I cherish you, respect you and honor you.

    Forever missing you Uncle Don 💙

  8. Genevieve Thrower

    Glad to had you as part of my family I didn’t get know you until my kids came home one day and told me they had a cousin name Don Sansberry who lived in neighborhood. i am praying for my family that the lord will keep them strong through this difficult time love you all.


    My Love, My Darling boy, You know Tee Tee loves you forever. Love covers a multitude of faults. I never found one fault with you. You were so sweet , so loving and so kind. And yes funny and handsome too. There will never be another you.

  10. Felicia Jimerson

    Sending love, prayers, and my deepest condolences. From my family to yours. Don you will be missed greatly.

  11. Annette Wilson

    praying for the family during this difficult time.

  12. Treda Ealy

    I thank God for true friendship. I grew up around Don and we have always laughed while in each other’s presence. On behalf of my husband Tracey Ealy and family we offer prayers and condolences.

  13. Millie SansberryEvans

    My baby brother was my works my keeper we shared many laughs and he always shield me from the haters… but what I do know my baby brother loved me and I loved him back !!

    I am blessed to witness and be the one who ensured your soul was with God!! After you re commented your life to Christ you looked at me and said snap 2 pictures!! Not one but 2. I still want to shout what a time we had. ❤️ love you and I will see you again soon.

  14. Shannon and Bobby

    Heaven got a GREAT one! One of the most solid person I have ever know and he never changed. This is a hard one!! But I know you see the LOVE ❤️ from everyone and smiling on us all. Love you Bro.

    And to my fam (Sansberry’s) we will continue to pray 🙏🏾 for you all!

  15. Fair Marcella

    Will truly miss this funny man.No matter how long we hadn’t seen each other he kept me laughing. MY deepest condolences to the family n friends. Grew up together in The States.Rest in heaven my friend

  16. Adrain Siggal

    I’ve known Don and family my whole life, from them burgers to getting the hairs cuts for the low to the states family. Family I pray for strength to help you’ll . Don was the coolest and was always like a big brother. LLDS

  17. Reginald Johnson

    Good guy he will definitely be missed

  18. Jeff... Jazz Jones

    Don, we talked about many subjects and secrets over the nearly 35 years or so we’ve known one another. A ton of giggles and haircuts and burgers that go all the way back to that camper shell. You always came through in the clutch whenever I needed a fresh cut to leave town . Always Solid my friend . Rest easy💙 Love ya my man!

  19. Barbara Sansberry Stephens

    My Twin you been apart of me my whole life I just Thank God He not only Gave You as My Brother but My Best Friend Thank You for all the memories That I will Cherish. you know How We Do it . Rest My Brother Always forever in My heart.Gone but Never Forgotten 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙Love You Brother!

  20. Barbara Sansberry Stephens

    I Thank God for Gaining an Angel. I Thank God for My Brother My Best Friend for being in my life For All the Memories I Will Cherish. I will miss you Dearly.Gone But Never Forgotten.Love You Brother 💙💙💙

  21. Sheila Myles

    Thank GOD for Uncle’s!
    I know you’re in a better place ! But I miss you ! We miss you ! Love you Unc till the end- States Love

  22. Alex crooks

    You will be missed 🙏🏿much love playboy.✊🏿✊🏿💈💈

  23. Willie T Henry

    To one of my good friends been knowing DON a long time.
    Cut my hair several times that’s always a good person. Real she really, really, really, really good person. Just go hate to not see that smile no more. His smile was iconic.

  24. Latisha Tucker

    I’m so deeply saddened for the family! The neighborhoods big brother and many great memories to cherish. God bless. Love you guys!

  25. Snipes

    Silva Back!!! Don I can’t even put the words together to tell you how I feel right now.. I’ll just let you know I will miss you, and I appreciate you for being a real, true friend/brother to me over the years. Working next to you taught me a lot about being a dedicated barber. You were one of the best to ever do it. My condolences to your family and all the friends you have made over the years! Rest now Bro and look out for us down here.. Love always! 🙌🏾

  26. Beverly Dade

    Blessings to the Family! May God be with you in this time of sorrow!! I will always remember your kindness!

  27. Daren Turner

    As I think of Don’s life, I keep being reminded of scripture, Psalms 37:23, “the steps of a GOOD MAN are ordered by the LORD: And HE delighteth in his way.

    Well done, good and faithful servant:

    You fought a great fight my $tatesmen Brotha! Rest well in God’s perfect grace!

  28. Daren Turner

    Thinking of Don, I keep being reminded of scripture, Psalms 37:23, “the steps of a GOOD MAN are ordered by the LORD: And HE delighteth in his way.

    Well done, good and faithful servant:

    You fought a GREAT fight Brotha! Rest well in God’s grace!

  29. Harvey(HP)Perry Sr

    Wow ! Where do I start, as I write this I hold back tears but how can I because you never held back love. Don as one of my lil Brotha’s from the $TATE$ that was always A1 FROM DAY1, I know I will think about you often for the rest of my life I just wanted the world to know that I loved folks and I will continue to be me because that’s how I know you would want me to be, is be HP. Thanks for taking HP.Jr up under your wing and for giving him an opportunity but that’s what real homies do. Well Don Corleone as I called you I want you to rest my friend and keep eyes on me down here and don’t hesitate to tap me on my shoulder if I start swerving in life. I’m going to miss you calling me bye my middle name DEAN. $PB RIP. HP.Sr

  30. Tony Green

    BAM-BAM was my friend, brother, great athlete, THE barber, great person and most of all, not a bad spot in his HEART.

    I will always keep his smile in my memories 🙂

    Tony Hicks Green

  31. Alicia Donaldson

    Sincerest condolences to Don’s family ❤️. All of you will remain in our thoughts and prayers during this time.
    My you find peace and comfort in your warm memories of Don ❤️

  32. Shawina Tims

    DeAndre, Don, was such a kind and gentle soul. I would call him and ask for hair cuts for the boys at my school. He would offer his services for free, and definitely was a Bright Light to those students at Woolley ES. He is definitely going to be missed, and always thought of. To the Sansberry Family, Bradye and Barbara, I will keep you in my Prayers and Thoughts, and Courage for the Days Ahead. Love Always Shawina Tims

  33. Ralph Daniel

    My heartfelt condolences to Don’s family. Rest easy, man.

  34. Dante Smoke Lewis

    Gonna miss you big bro. Wish we got together and watch the game like we was planning to do . Love you brother. 🙏🏾✊🏾R.I.P

  35. Erin Mason

    Poppa Smurf! 💔 You had such a huge impact on a lot of people…the love that you are being shown is heart warming…I will miss that smile and that laugh…you were taken far too soon and will be missed dearly! Sending my love and prayers to the entire family…I love you all!!

  36. Anthony Williams

    Don I will definitely remember the GREAT times we had as youth playing pop warner football. I will definitely keep you and your memory alive

  37. Carmita DeCoster

    Rest King. Prayers to the family.

  38. Bruce Thomas

    Going to miss you you were a gentleman and a scholar when it comes to cutting hair

  39. Bruce Thomas

    Gonna miss you man you are one of the best barbers in Las Vegas RIP

  40. tony cook

    Bro gone but never forgotten miss ya bruh

  41. tony cook

    Og don sorry to hear that u went home already haven’t seen you in awhile but you will never be forgotten miss ya bruh

  42. Brandi Riley

    I grew up next door to the Sansberry family my entire childhood. I am sending prayers, love and hugs to all of you praying for strength and understanding. Life is a very precious thing to let go of; however when you love like y’all family live in life this space and pain too shall pass. You guys have an awesome tribe and support system. From my grandmother Earnestine and I

  43. Latrell Dean

    Don the your passing hit me really hard .. you were always so kind and nice to me … I used to call you a little bad ass kid cause you used to be so childish but in all fun .. you Brought me out I never come around but I had to for you.. RIH DON continue to look over us down here …
    TRELL state girl from Royal and Sword St!!!

  44. Shawanda Sansberry

    My condolences to the family praying for you guys from the Sansberry Family

    From Chicago

  45. ReNe’e Shivers

    Sending love and our condolences to Don’s family. One of my favorites Psalm 147:3

    He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds, healing their pain and comforting their sorrow.

  46. Keith Slatoff

    Don we’ve been together since Jesus was a baby. I call you one of my best friends and will truly miss you. Rest in Peace cuz. I love you.

  47. Richard Burton

    Don one of the hardest hitting state boy, but during my freshman year you went light on me when the freshman got beat down and I really appreciated it. RIH big homie, and tell all the other state boys you see we say what’s up. Praying for Don’s family…

  48. Miki Harrell

    Rest in EverLasting Peace My Friend…. Thank you for being authentically you! Our love and respect for one another as neighbor, friend and family that’s how far back we go….. You are Love and You will be missed dearly, I love you Deandre.


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